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The hardest part about lawn care is making time to do it. For most of us, it ends up being one of those things we'll do "when we get a week off from everything else." 


That's where we come in. Scott's Exterior Maintenance provides expert lawn care in Bloomington, IL. Our team of professionals have a diverse background of experience to ensure that your yard is well taken care of throughout the year. 


If you ever have any additional needs for both your lawn and surrounding landscapes, the team at Scott's will be able to assist you with whatever you may need. Learn more about our available services below and get started!


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Should You Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service in Bloomington, IL?

Lot Size

A property owner of a big residential or commercial property with several acres requires a various sort of mower than an individual with a tiny backyard. For them, a riding yard mower would certainly be tool of choice. Riding mower vary in cost from $600 to $14,000, depending upon the power, dimension, as well as quality of the brand that a person's needs.


The standard rule of thumb for selecting a yard mower based on backyard dimension is that for backyards no bigger compared to 1/2 an acre, it is recommended that the property owner utilize a push lawn mower. While making use of a riding yard mower isn't out of the question, it would certainly be too cumbersome as well as much less efficient on a backyard that size.



You should determine if your backyard is flat or if there are variations in altitude, consisting of differing hillsides and also valleys. A riding yard mower, as an example, would not be a great fit for a yard with steep hillsides as well as limited areas because of the lack of flexibility that they supply as compared to press mowers.


Physical Fitness

Ongoing lawn treatment is a physical activity that calls for a certain level of stamina. Motorized grass mowers are normally an excellent balance between the cost (compared with that of riding yard mowers) as well as the physical initiative required to thrust a non-electric reel yard mower that uses just the physical effort of its customer to reduce the yard.


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Lawn mowers could be a very expensive purchase, so cost is a very crucial element to be weighed prior to choosing whether to mow your lawn yourself or have a professional help. Standard reel, or cylinder lawn mowers, are typically the most inexpensive and also can be discovered for roughly $70 to $90. Electric and gas push mowers can range from $100 to $400 and riding lawn mowers could be as high as $14,000.


Individual Preference

Personal choices depending on the person can consist of choosing an electric vs a gas lawn mower or deciding to go entirely low-tech with a conventional reel mower. Mowers can likewise be personalized with functions that include a mulching blade that chops up the lawn right into little bits and also disperses it across the lawn, or a lawn bag that collects the clippings as you most likely to create a simpler disposal.


Tips for Lawn Care in Bloomington IL: How Often Should I Mow?

Lots of people's method to yard treatment consists of dragging the mower out or calling a lawn care service whenever their yard starts to look bad, but there is more to the process. How frequent you cut your grass is a large component into the total high quality and discussion of your yard.


On a regular basis, watering, feeding, and cutting grass is important to a healthy life for your turf and surrounding landscaping. The more thorough a person is about trimming their lawn, the healthier and greener it will come to be over time. Lots of people who cannot invest significant time having a tendency to their backyard choose to hire a grass service to ensure that their grass gets the proper maintenance it calls for.


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It's vital to bear in mind the 1/3 concept when it involves lawn care. You should never reduce your turf greater than 1/3 of its initial elevation any time. This could cause injury to the yard as well as outcome in discoloration. The ideal height for the turf in your lawn depends on the kind of grass and the period. Different kinds of yard thrive at different heights, and all yard should be kept much longer in the summer season to assist reducing water use. Higher blades of turf aid in stopping water from vaporizing as quickly, permitting you to save some money as well as still have a gorgeous lawn.


The conventional frequency at which you ought to mow your lawn is generally weekly, or perhaps once every two weeks depending upon the season and also water restrictions in your location. If you are unable to cut your yard one week or forget for some reason, then it's important to still comply with the 1/3 principle when cutting your grass. The majority of mowers have an adjustment to make certain that the mower blades go to the proper height to attain this purpose.


Other Necessary Lawn Services in Bloomington, IL

Soil Aeration

When dirt ends up being also portable it develops a surface area obstacle that avoids water and other important nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and also oxygen from reaching the plants' roots. This compaction hinders the yard's capacity to produce a healthy root system that will last throughout the summer. The process of core aerating contains making use of an equipment suitably labelled an "aerator" to remove small plugs of dirt from the yard and also revealing the plants' roots to air, water, and nutrients.


Dirt becomes compacted as a result of heavy foot traffic from people as well as animals. A usual misunderstanding is that property owners could utilize shoes with spikes to do the work, however this act just produces openings in the lawn while possibly condensing it even more.


The usual rule is to aerate your grass a minimum of once each year. If you have a recently built home, it is recommended to aerate your lawn right away.



There are lots of little steps that property owners could take as component of their regular grass upkeep to make certain a healthy grass year-round, and one of one of the most vital is overseeding. This is defined as the act of sowing seed throughout your existing grass.


Overseeding can additionally be utilized to supplement your existing yard throughout rough months of the year.


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