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Just An Update

May 25, 2017

I can't believe it's been so long since the last post. As typical with this time of year, we have all been very busy with the spring rush.

Just an update on what we've been up to:

Several clean-up projects and subsequent installation of new shrubs and trees, lawn seeding, fertilizing, and of course mowing!


We started a trial to look at the benefits of using starter fertilizer and/or maintenance fertilizer when planting new plants for the best success. This will be ongoing for the summer with updates coming later.


We get a lot of calls from those asking to look at a plant/tree/shrub because it's not doing well. In the world of gardening, lawncare, and landscaping, this is very common all around. Of course we want everything to be looking beautiful and growing well, but often that just isn't the case. So we fall into the role of diagnosing the problem and coming up with a solution. Sometimes there is enough damage and/or disease to recommend just removing the plant/tree/shrub and starting over simple because it's too far gone to save. Sometimes it's possible to treat or prune to correct the issue. Very much a case by case situation.


But this brings to mind the old philosophy of "right plant, right place". Whenever planting something new in our landscape, it's wise to keep this in mind as a preemptive way to prevent problems down the road that can be costly or just a source of frustration. This applies to soil, location, and interference.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Sun or shade?
  • Too wet or too dry?
  • Too big for the space (will it eventually hit house, wires, sidewalk, driveway, etc?)
  • Poor soil or good soil?
  • Will it be too hot or too dry?
  • Are there known diseases or pests in the area (Emerald Ash borer for example)
  • Winter hardiness

And that's beyond the color, flowers, shape, etc, we typically base our plant choices on!


So there is a lot that goes into choosing the right plant for the right place, but it's worth considering for long term success of our plantings and the most beautiful lawns and landscapes.