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Own the Best Yard in Your Neighborhood

Live stress-free knowing your yard will be taken care of. Win the green thumb in your neighborhood and enjoy your yard! As part of our landscaping service, the team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance will ensure your yard & surrounding landscaping are consistently taken care of. No other lawn care company in Bloomington, IL can match what we provide. 


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Bloomington, IL Lawn Care

Take Back Your Weekend!

Keep your lawn and yard tidy, and spend your weekends with your family instead of landscaping. For an affordable price, we will mow your lawn, power edge your walks, patio, and driveway, and string-trim along your fences, planting beds, trees, and any structure within your lawn areas. And since grass clippings are a source of natural/organic fertilizer for your lawn, we recycle/mulch your lawn's clippings back into your turf to promote a healthier lawn. As a final step, we blow your walks, patio, and driveway clean of clippings and debris. And since this service is provided on a regularly scheduled basis, you are sure to have a well-manicured lawn for you and your family to enjoy!

Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Blowing: Our 3-Step Solution

Lawn Care in Bloomington, IL

Our landscaping service includes regularly scheduled mowing and trimming visits at a 7 to 14-day cycle depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Your lawn will always look trim and neat. Exact scheduled days may be altered to accommodate the best practical solutions. Your property will be given an assigned crew so they will become accustomed to your yard's needs. On each service visit, we will trim around all trees, rocks, beds, and buildings, removing all clippings from landscaping beds, the base of trees, building foundations, asphalt, and concrete surfaces. We will make sure to blow off all windowsills, patios, pool areas, sidewalks, and driveways. Driveways and walks are edged, and bushes and shrubs are pruned if needed, to give a clean and well-maintained look.


Step 1: Lawn Care Service

For proper landscaping maintenance over a year, regular mowing services are needed. If not consistently cultivated throughout the summer, your yard may overgrow in times of heavy rain, it may go dormant in times of drought or high heat, and crabgrass or weeds can infest your yard quickly and become costly to remove completely. From weekly to monthly services, our professional lawn mowing service in the Bloomington area can help your yard remain healthy for years to come!


You can be confident that your yard will stand out in the neighborhood! No longer feel pressure from your neighbors each week to keep up with the increasing list of tasks your yard continually requires. Let your lawn-mowing professionals at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance help!


Step 2: Trimming Overgrown Grass & Weeds

With additional landscaping & rock features in a yard comes the increased need for a professional lawn trimming service.  Rocks, shrubs, trees, edging, and other obstacles in a yard require additional time, effort, and focus on details to ensure a clean & crisp finished presentation for your yard.


With decades of landscape experience among our detail-orientated team, you will be confident your yard has been properly trimmed to your highest standards.


Step 3: Leaf, Grass, & Debris Blowing

Clippings will gather in and around landscaping beds, patios, and pool areas – we remove another item from your to-do list and take care of blowing these areas off for you! Using the finest equipment to preserve these areas of your yard, we will ensure their original appeal shows through.


Step 4: Enjoy Your Yard (Bonus!)

Sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy your freshly mowed lawn! After receiving the finest lawn service in Bloomington, IL from the professional lawn care & landscaping team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance, you will have less on your lawn care to-do list & more time to enjoy your yard with family & friends on those beautiful summer afternoons & evenings.


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Why is Quality Lawn Care So Important?

Bloomington homeowners take great pride in maintaining healthy yards & landscapes. Don’t be left behind and have the neighborhood eyesore for a yard! The little details of maintaining your yard every week add up over time and can provide something you’re proud of.


A healthy yard can also have positive effects on the environment around your house. It has been estimated that a healthy 50 by 50 lawn can help create enough oxygen for a family of four! Pollutants and allergens are reduced as a properly maintained lawn can filter out harmful environmental particles as the air is filtered over time.


To maximize your home value & yard’s potential, trust the professionals at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance. We know what it takes to provide Bloomington-Normal lawns with the best strategies for success when mowing, trimming, or blowing the landscaping around your yard.


Local Bloomington, IL Lawn Care Service

Scott’s Exterior Maintenance is located at 915 Thor Dr in Bloomington, IL 61705. We have been active in giving back to the Bloomington, IL community for years and enjoy being able to consistently provide great lawn mowing services to our clients!  We treat each yard with a customized plan to ensure beautiful & timeless results.


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