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Concrete Landscape Pouring

In addition to landscaping services, we can install poured concrete features into your lawn and landscape areas.  We can remove, renovate, or repair cracked sidewalks and patios and design and pour new ones.


We can integrate new concrete into your existing landscape design or work it into a new design.  Poured concrete patios and walkways can improve the look, feel, and function of your home's exterior.


Sidewalk Repair & Sidewalk leveling

The team at Scott's Exterior Maintenance can help with cracked, sunken, or uneven sidewalks. We can help with uneven sidewalk repair, sidewalk crack repair, fixing a raised sidewalk, and more.

  • Uneven sidewalk repair
  • Sidewalk crack repair
  • Sunken sidewalk repair
  • Sidewalk leveling

Patio Repair & Patio Leveling

Our team can also help with patio repair and patio leveling. While brick patio repair can sometimes be expensive, it's usually less expensive than patio replacement, because more often than not the existing materials can be reused. Scott's Exterior Maintenance can lift your old patio, restore it to near-new condition, and stabilize its foundation.

Does Your Patio Need Repair?

If your patio is experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact Scott's Exterior Maintenance for cost-effective sidewalk repair.

  • Wavy surface
  • Sunken surface
  • Rutting of the surface
  • Low areas develop
  • Separation of the brick
  • Edges sinking into the ground
  • Bricks rising or edges rising
  • Loose brick or rocking brick


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