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The Japanese Beetles

July 8, 2020

It is that time of year again, the Japanese Beetles are back. Most of us have met Japanese beetles before and they are pests. They come into our yards and destroy our trees, bushes and plants, so let’s talk about their life cycle and how to stop them from destroying our plants.

The life cycle of Japanese beetles starts when the female burrows into the ground and lays eggs. When those eggs hatch, they burrow farther into the ground, the grub begins to feed and are there for 10 months. They will then move towards the surface and start feeding on the roots. In June they emerge from the ground and in July they will start eating away your plants, trees and bushes. No one wants to see their plants getting devoured by these beetles so let's talk about the treatment you can use in order to prevent this from happening.

There are two different ways to tackle the Japanese beetles. First, using a grub control during the spring and summer prevents any grub activity. Second, using pesticide spray throughout the month of July every 14 days will keep your trees, bushes and flowers from being affected by the Japanese beetles.

Knowing the beetle’s life cycle and how to manage them will help keep your plants, trees and bushes from being affected.