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Why is Fertilizing Your Lawn Important?

July 21, 2020

Fertilize your lawn before it is too late! There are a few different benefits when it comes to fertilizing your lawn and some of them are going to be a surprise to you.


It is important to be fertilizing your yard if you are a wanting a beautiful green healthy lawn. The fertilizer is going to put nutrients into your lawn in order to help it grow. Applying fertilizer is best to do when your grass is going to grow the fastest and that is going to be during the summertime. Recently, we went through a phase with little rain and when that happens it is good to have your lawn fertilized so that it can recover faster when it does finally get the water that it needs. Weeds are our lawns worst enemy and when you fertilize your lawn, it is going to help keep the weeds away.


Remember these fertilizing benefits and contact a local landscaping company to help keep your lawn looking its best!


Fun fact: Did you know that leaving the clippings on your lawn after you mow is going to put more nutrients into your lawn? Those grass clippings are going to help put water and nutrients back into the soil and help it grow thicker.