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September 16, 2020

It is almost time to plant your fall bulbs. The best part about planting in the fall is the cooler weather, it makes planting more enjoyable compared to planting in the scorching summer heat. I love planting bulbs because it is one less thing that I have to worry about when trying to get the landscaping design back in order when springtime finally arrives. So, let’s talk about how you can make sure your flowers bloom. 


First off, the best time to plant your bulbs is anywhere between September and October when the soil is cooler around 50 degrees. This allows the bulbs more than enough time to prepare for their bloom in the early spring. Living in Illinois the winters are brutal but no need to worry because the bulb is depending on the freeze in order to help it grow and develop. 


Second, when planting the bulbs make sure you are planting them in the ground at least 3 times the depth of the size of the bulb. The bulbs can be arranged randomly when planting and they can even be mixed with other bulbs. It is your garden so plant and arrange them how you would like.  


Third, is the most exciting part and that is picking out the flowers you want to have blooming in your garden when springtime rolls around. Some of my favorites are tulips and daffodils. There are a variety of bulbs to choose from so do your research and find what you are looking for to have your perfect flower garden.


So, if you are interested in trying out bulbs it is a great year for it, especially during COVID-19 because it will give you something to do. There are a ton of articles and videos you can read and watch in order to get a better understanding if you are a first-time bulb planter. But I wanted to give you some of the basics to get you started and motivated to start planting!