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Scott's Professional Concrete Patios in Bloomington, IL

Concrete Patios in Bloomington, ILAs a hardscape contractor in Bloomington, IL, Scott's Exterior Maintenance prides ourselves on our poured concrete projects. We know weather-resistant, beautiful patio installation is integral to a home's future value. Adding a concrete patio to your backyard will not only add to the aesthetic of your home but also raise your property's value! Let Scott's Exterior Maintenance help you add the perfect component to your yard.

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Concrete patios in Bloomington need to be able to withstand extra foot traffic from summertime guests and endure below-freezing temperatures in the winter. You might have questions about if a poured concrete patio is the best choice for your home. Or, you may have questions regarding the cost of adding a concrete patio to your backyard. Whatever the question is, our crew is happy to help you navigate those inquiries.


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What are the Cost Benefits of a Concrete Patio?

There are many cost benefits of a concrete patio. Choosing concrete for your patio is one of the most economical options. Unlike stone paver patios and wood decks, both of which require more maintenance and take longer to construct, concrete patios are the perfect way to expand your outdoor entertainment space easily and affordably. Additionally, installing a concrete patio will increase your home's value by 5 to 10 percent. Because concrete is so durable, you don't have to worry about having to remodel or fix it up when trying to sell your house later on. Installing a concrete patio is simple when done by professional concrete contractors. Contact us today to install your new concrete patio in Bloomington, IL.


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Concrete Requires Less Maintenance than Other Patio Building Materials.

Concrete is far easier to maintain than other patio materials. Because of its solid surface, concrete makes it easy to keep your patio clean. You can treat your concrete patio like a road or sidewalk; very little maintenance is required. Cleaning concrete is a breeze. Stains can typically be removed with a pressure washer or garden hose. That's the beauty of concrete. A concrete patio is easy to make beautiful with your own personal design. There are little design aspects you can add that will bring color and creativity to your patio. You could add an outside rug for example to add a splash of color. A concrete patio is the perfect choice for those who love hosting. Concrete patios can easily withstand weight from backyard fire pits, grills, and high levels of foot traffic. With a concrete patio, you will rest assured your patio will stay in top condition.

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How are Concrete Patios a Better Choice for the Winter Months?

By choosing a concrete patio you won't have to worry about extreme damage from the winter months. Compared to wood decks, concrete doesn't expand when it freezes, potentially causing cracking, buckling, and splintering. Using concrete for your patio ensures that your outdoor space will look beautiful season after season. Contact Scott's today for a concrete patio in Bloomington, IL.


Why should I use a Professional?

Pouring concrete requires careful planning, knowledge, and skill, in addition to the right materials, tools, and equipment. Concrete will last for years, but only if it's installed properly.

  • When installing a concrete patio, proper preparation is key. It is necessary to establish a solid base. At Scott's, we ensure that the soil is tightly packed and the surface is carefully leveled. If your concrete is sitting on top of loose soil, it will crack and degrade as the soil settles.
  • Pouring concrete is a time-sensitive process. The materials and processes must be coordinated strategically, as the inaccurate amount of water or incorrect materials can lead to a broken (and dangerous) outcome. A concrete patio can be hazardous for your family if not completed correctly. If done poorly, concrete patios can be slippery and uneven.
  • As one of Bloomington's top concrete contractors, we are experts in concrete patio installation. Scott's professional, dedicated team will assure that the process is smooth from start to finish.