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Lawn Maintenance Services in Bloomington IL

Lawn Maintenance Services in Bloomington, IL


A well-kept lawn is more than just some grass growing outside your home. It is something that a homeowner can be proud of because it is an additional healthy living environment that contributes to physical and mental well-being, improves the local surroundings, and reduces risks and hazards. For those who spend a significant amount of time indoors during a workday or those who have a fast-paced, stress-filled schedule, a nice lawn can be a good place to set up a hammock, kick back in a lawn chair, or indulge in some leisure activities with family and pets, bringing balance to their daily lives. Furthermore, a clean, green space can reduce stress and increase our sense of well-being.


Therefore, dependable lawn maintenance services in Bloomington IL are needed to achieve all of the above mentioned qualities of a good lawn. At Scott's Exterior Maintenance, we work on lawns to achieve green, healthy, and consistently good-looking green spaces. As lawns respond to whatever inputs are provided, lawn maintenance also varies in different situations. For example, specific soil conditions may require a particular type of fertilizer. As such, only a professional can know the right type and safe usage of chemicals needed to properly care for your plants. Thus, experts such as Scott's Exterior Maintenance are the right people for lawn maintenance services.


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Lawn Maintenance EssentialsLawn Maintenance Essentials


Lawn maintenance involves several different processes that address the various elements of a yard. Performing these tasks is the expertise of Scott's Exterior Maintenance, who values your yard more than any other professional in Bloomington IL. We outline some lawn maintenance essentials below. 


First, mowing is the most common cultural practice used on lawns. As the most frequently repeated aspect of landscape care, it is the periodic cutting of a turfgrass lawn to a specified height, keeping the lawn trimmed and neat. Moreover, the ability to tolerate mowing is a characteristic that separates turfgrass from the rest of the grass species. However, that is not to say that the turfgrass is not negatively affected by the process. Therefore, professional mowing techniques are needed to keep healthy turfgrass. At Scott's Exterior Maintenance, we apply the best practices of mowing to achieve the best effect.


The second element of lawn maintenance is plant nutrition. Fertilizers provide sufficient nutrients to the grass and other plants so the greenery can grow and live healthily. They are organic or inorganic materials that are applied to the soil or the plant for mineral nutrient elements. As plants obtain three of the essential elements they need for growth, namely, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, from water and the carbon dioxide in the air, the other essential elements that plants need, often classified as mineral nutrient elements, are found in the soil and absorbed by the plant’s root system.


There are three main macronutrients – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen promotes rapid growth, leaf development, chlorophyll formation, and protein synthesis. Phosphorus contributes to early root growth, hastens maturity, stimulates blooming, and aids in seed formation. Meanwhile, potassium increases resistance to drought and disease and plays a part in root growth as well as in stem development.


The third important aspect of lawn maintenance is cleaning and grooming. Activities in this phase include pruning trees, shrubs, and hedges to allow a more airy environment or to let light pass through certain parts of a home or yard. Pulling weeds and spraying them as needed also improves the overall appearance of a lawn. Moreover, cleaning the surrounding areas such as patios, gutters, lawn beds, and other places that accumulate debris helps keep the entire yard looking neat.


Your Lawn Maintenance Professionals in Bloomington ILLawn Maintenance Professionals


Lawn maintenance can take up a significant amount of your time, which can be better spent on more productive things such as work or quality time with your family. Therefore, professionals such as Scott's Exterior Maintenance are ready to take on the task of maintaining your lawn throughout the year. Through our lawn maintenance services in Bloomington IL, families have a healthy, beautiful area to play and bond, and homeowners have a relaxing space to receive guests or hold parties. Scott's Exterior Maintenance is dedicated to keeping your lawn as pleasing to the eye as possible, adopting the best techniques to care for your lawn in the best possible manner.


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