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As one of the top concrete contractors in Bloomington, IL we are ready to help with your concrete leveling project.


At Scott's, we believe that you should be able to comfortably and safely enjoy your outdoor space. As a team of expert concrete professionals in Bloomington, IL we provide top-notch solutions for all of your concrete repair and restoration needs. Whether you're dealing with uneven concrete surfaces, sunken slabs, or other concrete leveling concerns, Scott's is here to help with our concrete raising and slab jacking services.


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At Scott's Exterior Maintenance, we specialize in concrete leveling in Bloomington, IL. Concrete leveling is the process of lifting and leveling uneven concrete surfaces. This is done using a technique called slab jacking. To lift a concrete slab, small holes are drilled through the concrete slab, and a special material is injected below it. This material fills the void underneath the concrete; gradually the pressure of this filler being forced under the slab creates lift. This allows the sunken concrete slab to be raised back to its original position. As a professional, experienced team of concrete specialists, we use high-quality materials and vetted techniques to ensure that your concrete is level, sturdy, and safe.


At Scott's, we offer a range of concrete leveling services in Bloomington, IL. These include:

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Concrete Leveling in Bloomington, IL


Why is concrete leveling important?

Concrete leveling is utilized to adjust buckling and uneven surfaces. Buckling is an upward movement of shattered concrete slabs. By leveling the concrete we are making a smoother surface that eliminates bumps, cracks, and other unsafe and/or unappealing issues with your concrete sidewalk, walkway, or driveway. Concrete that is not smooth can be dangerous for you and your family; even a small buckle in the concrete can cause pedestrians to trip. Contact us today for professional concrete leveling.


How does Scott's team level concrete?

Scott's team of concrete specialists can handle any concrete leveling job, from uneven sidewalks to buckling pool decks. We have the skill and aptitude to achieve a perfectly level concrete surface. Concrete leveling is a process that fills voids under sagging concrete slabs. The process involves drilling holes into the existing concrete and pumping a leveling material through those holes and underneath the slab.


Why should I hire a professional for my concrete leveling project?

Uneven or cracked concrete is dangerous for you and your family. We have years of experience working with concrete. Leveling needs to be done correctly so that it lasts season after season. You can trust that Scott's expert team will get the job done correctly.


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