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Stump Removal in Bloomington IL


Stump Removal in Bloomington IL


Stump removal is considered by many as a task that is more difficult than cutting down a tree, which is actually more straightforward. The efforts that go into stump removal are greater and sometimes more complex than cutting down a tree or tree limbs. This is also the reason why many homeowners have old stumps in their yards. As stump removal is not easy, they would rather leave a stump in their yard than have it removed. However, using the right techniques and methods, a professional can cleanly and correctly remove a stump from your yard so you won't have to. For many years, the stump removal services of Scott's Exterior Maintenance have improved and beautified yards and other open spaces through effective and reliable techniques such as stump grinding.


Scott's Exterior Maintenance provides fast and effective stump removal services in Bloomington IL. If you have one or more unsightly stumps on your property, then hiring an experienced and certified arborist can definitely solve your problem. Surely, you can find resources on how to do it yourself on the Internet, but most people who start the process of stump removal are unable to complete it, spending significant time and effort for nothing. Therefore, employing the services of a professional can save time and money and can guarantee complete removal. Scott's Exterior Maintenance offers professional stump removal services in Bloomington IL that can grind your stump into nothing and can clear your land in no time.




Stump-free LawnWhy Remove Stumps?


The first and foremost reason why stumps are removed is that they are ugly and non-functional. Aesthetically speaking, the presence of stumps may ruin the whole view of a beautiful landscape; they are definitely not appealing. Therefore, if you are very particular about the way your yard or landscape looks, then stump removal is well worth it. Furthermore, stumps take up valuable space in the yard, which could be used for more functional uses such as a flowerbed or a picnic area. Especially if you don't have a very wide yard, stumps and their roots may occupy a significant area, and keeping them lets you lose much-needed space.


Second, it is difficult to maneuver around tree stumps. They become a nuisance, an obstacle that you have to avoid when weeding or mowing your lawn or when your child is riding his bicycle. In general, stumps are dangerous to your children. While running and playing in your yard, they may hit a stump and trip over it, which may cause injury. Moreover, some stumps are obvious, whereas others are camouflaged by grass, weeds, and other plants, which increase their likelihood of becoming tripping hazards. Stubbing your toe on an old tree stump while running can be very painful. Also, a neighbor who trips is your liability. In addition, tree stumps can damage your mower when you accidentally hit one when you're mowing your lawn.


Lastly, stumps may cause new tree growth. Sometimes, leaving a stump results in new sprouts, which can be small treelings growing around the stump. This area becomes unsightly to your landscape and may be quite costly to remove because new shoots may be persistent - you would need chemicals to kill them off completely. These small trees also leech nutrients from other plants located near them, so your flowering plants may not receive all the nutrients they need. Moreover, when you leave stumps, the decaying tree takes a long time to rot away completely. While the stump is decaying, it attracts beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests. You may not mind them in your yard, but they can eventually spread to your home.


Stump Removal Services in Bloomington IL by ExpertsProfessional Stump Removal


At Scott's Exterior Maintenance, we are dedicated to achieving the complete satisfaction of every customer, and we pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and friendly staff offering tree services at competitive rates. At Scott's, providing quality stump removal service is one of our top priorities, and customer satisfaction is our business. If your yard is not looking its best because of stumps, then our professional advice and expert removal services will improve the safety and overall health of your landscape. 


We have state-of-the-art equipment and processes designed to make sure that your property can be cleared without causing any major damage to your yard. Our team of extensively experienced tree service professionals know how to handle your problem effectively, so you’ll be free to replace your stump with whatever plant life you would like. Trust Scott's Exterior Maintenance today for quality stump removal services in Bloomington IL. Get in touch with us for more information about this service.


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