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Professional Tree Trimming in Bloomington, IL


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Tree Service

Scott’s Exterior Maintenance provides high quality professional tree trimming services in Bloomington, IL. We have been active in the Bloomington-Normal community for years and are excited to continue providing excellent customer service, personalized attention, and quality services to our new & repeat clients. Whether you’re in need of arborist services like tree trimming, removal, or stump grinding, you can trust the experts at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance in Bloomington, IL to get the job done right!


Tree Trimming

Most of our Bloomington, IL customers ask us to perform tree trimming services for one of the following reasons: safety, health, & aesthetics. For our regular clients, we perform complimentary walk-by inspections of trees in your yard to look for anything out of the ordinary; if we see anything, we will let you know immediately and suggest an appropriate course of action.


Dead branches can be a serious hazard as they are prone to falling and can seriously injure a member of your family or friends if they happen to be beneath when it falls. For safety reasons, we highly recommend inspecting yourself or having a professional inspect your tree for broken or weakened branches often and especially after a bad storm.


A tree in poor health can sometimes be saved through trimming or pruning select branches & parts of the tree. We would recommend consulting with a professional before attempting to do this yourself; often people will unknowingly cut off too much or too little of what needs to be removed and further harm the tree unknowingly.


Many of our clients simply don’t like when their tree gets too close to a deck or hangs over the pool. For aesthetic reasons, we come and trim the areas that need to be removed, while continuing to maintain a healthy tree. We never want to over trim & potentially kill the tree, so we will want to get a good sense of what you’re looking to accomplish before attempting to trim anything unnecessarily.


Tree Removal

When someone comes to us looking to completely remove a tree on their property, we will want to come to the site before quoting & moving forward to access the situation. A few questions or situations you may find yourself with to determine if a professional should come and quote tree removal services:

  • Is the tree dead?
  • Are the top branches of the tree dying or is it in bad general health?
  • The tree has suffered from major storm damage and is unreparable
  • The tree has grown too close to house or utility lines
  • The roots are affecting the foundation of your home or driveway
  • You want to open up your yard / view
  • You are sick of picking up leaves, branches, etc.


We can help if any of these ring true in your situation. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance today!


Tree Pruning

There are a few things to consider before pruning your tree yourself. We are tree pruning professionals in Bloomington, IL that are experienced and able to provide feedback and suggestions moving forward to put you and your tree in the best position to succeed. This can best be done by Scott’s tree pruning service in Bloomington, IL.

1. Assess & Decide What to Cut

You don’t want to be left with too much or too little tree! You must make sure the tree’s size & shape will be left intact before you being pruning. You will want to certainly maintain any branches with a “U” shape and in most cases cut any branches with a predominant “V” shape.

2. Cut Any Damaged or Weak Branches

Any branches showing signs of weakness, damage, or sickness should be cut first. These branches can seriously harm the tree and those around it if left unchecked. Cut these first and your tree with be healthier over the long run.

3. Prune Branches That Are Obstructing View or Dangerous

If you would like to improve your backyard view, then you may need to prune certain branches if they are blocking a bedroom window or kitchen view. If you have branches that are hanging over telephone wires, you should certainly have a professional tree trimming service in Bloomington, IL perform this task. Call Scott’s Exterior Maintenance if this is your situation.


Always trim & prune trees in their dormant season, expect in case of immediate danger or safety concerns. This helps reduce scarring & sap loss for the tree, and allows it to grow fresh when the season returns and is able to remain healthy for years to come! 


Professional Tree Trimming in Bloomington, IL

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