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Residential Snow Removal Service in Bloomington, IL


Residential Snow Removal in Bloomington IL


During the winter, the demand for residential snow removal in Bloomington IL increases. As keeping sidewalks and pathways clear of snow and ice is the neighborly and safe thing to do, landscaping service providers such as Scott's Exterior Maintenance provide snow removal services during the snow season. The sooner the snow is removed, the less likely that ice will form. Therefore, proactive snow removal is needed to prevent snow from accumulating to unmanageable levels. Through this process, snow is shoveled off from driveways and pathways, allowing vehicles and people to move about conveniently despite the buildup of this kind of precipitation.     


In Bloomington IL, snow can build up pretty quickly. Especially in January, as temperatures can drop to an average of 15 degrees, snow and ice can be a major problem for most homeowners. Therefore, Scott's Exterior Maintenance provides reliable residential snow removal services to help homeowners rid their grounds of the bothersome snow. We can clear your sidewalks and driveways this winter season using a variety of tools for hand shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing. Moreover, we can also take care of pretreatment for ice control and bulk salt spreading. The reliable snow removal services of Scott's Exterior Maintenance can guarantee a clear front yard and driveway during the winter season.


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Factors Considered in Snow RemovalFactors Considered in Removing Snow


Scott's Exterior Maintenance is an expert when it comes to snow removal services. We know the right methods to employ in removing snow from different surfaces. For example, we are aware that snow tends to accumulate better on grass surfaces than on concrete surfaces because the pavement is connected directly to the earth's surface, whereas vegetation and grass are more exposed to the cold air. It takes time for the soil temperatures to adjust to colder air temperatures. Warmer soils will continuously conduct heat upward. By contrast, a driveway will continue to be warmed by the warmer soil below. Moreover, concrete is a good absorber of radiation and takes longer to cool off than vegetation.


Furthermore, we use plowing and hand removal, as they have always been major components of snow removal. They continue to be the most cost-effective techniques in many situations, especially when combined with an effective use of chemicals. Also, they can remove large volumes of snow as long as the snow is fresh and has not bonded to the pavement. When the snowstorm gets ahead of plowing operations, the snow has an opportunity to bond to the pavement or sidewalk. This bond is extremely strong and prevents efficient snow removal.


Therefore, the most effective use of deicing chemicals is an early application that prevents this bond from forming. The objective of deicing chemical application is not to melt all of the snow and ice but rather to prevent them from bonding to the pavement. This allows time for normal plowing and shoveling operations to remove the snow throughout the storm.


Reliable Snow Removal in Bloomington ILReliable Snow Removal Services


To prevent slip-and-fall accidents resulting from snow and ice accumulation, thorough snow removal services provided by Scott's Exterior Maintenance are needed. We can ensure the safety of your driveways and sidewalks through effective snow shoveling or blowing. With our efficient services, your yard and pathways can be cleared of snow, which can prevent you from doing your normal routine. Therefore, it is best to trust the experts at Scott's Exterior for quality snow removal services and pretreatment for ice control.


Trust us this winter for reliable snow removal services. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our processes or to schedule a job.


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