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Snow Plowing and Removal Service in Bloomington, IL


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“Stay warm this winter and have your driveways taken care of by Scott’s Snow Plowing Service”


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For quality snow plowing & removal in Bloomington, IL, trust Scott’s Exterior Maintenance. We have been providing high-quality snow plowing services & snow removal services in the twin cities for years and know how to get the job done right. If you want to stay inside & warm this winter, hire Scott & his team to take care of your driveway or parking lot, and be assured that each time it snows, you will be taken care of.


We strive to provide an unmatched level of service, personalized attention, and consistency over what is found in other snow plowing & removal services in Bloomington, IL. Before it even snows, our Bloomington snow removal team is gearing up to fight the storm and make sure our client’s properties are well cared for. This is why we are consistently voted as the #1 snow removal service in Bloomington-Normal, IL.


Snow Plowing Services in Bloomington, IL

We provide snow plowing services in Bloomington, IL to a variety of businesses, homes & neighborhoods throughout Bloomington-Normal. We are chosen consistently for these jobs year after year thanks to our dedication & commitment to excellence with each job we perform. When the weather starts to get bad, we work hard to make sure all driveways, streets, and parking lots we have been trusted with get the attention they need to remain safe for everyone.


Commercial Snow Plowing Service in Bloomington, IL

On the commercial side, we have services and equipment specifically for our commercial snow plowing service in Bloomington, IL. With the commercial side, we focus especially on staying ahead of the storms, allowing your employees & customers to avoid delays when coming to your business. It is extremely important for both you and us that your business does not lose any open hours due to snow or ice on the ground. We make sure to do everything in our power to remove as much snow as possible and de-ice your parking lots to reduce the possibility of this ever happening to you!  


Local Snow Plowing Service in Bloomington, IL

For local businesses and neighborhoods in Bloomington, IL, we provide local snow plowing services that allow people parking and driving through to go about their days uninterrupted and without delays. If there is excess snow & ice on the roads, driving can become dangerous and people may choose to avoid any places of business without plowed parking lots & driving areas. Trust Scott’s Exterior Maintenance in Bloomington, IL to provide snow plowing service to you, and be confident your property will be taken care of!


Snow Removal Services in Bloomington, IL

When removing snow throughout Bloomington-Normal, IL, the team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance takes great care to not disturb any landscaping or other parts of your property in the process. It is never our goal to harm your yard or anything on your property when we are removing snow. We work methodically & efficiently to ensure nothing is harmed during snow removal at your house, driveway & sidewalks.


Snow Shoveling Service in Bloomington, IL

When we are shoveling sidewalks, we take great pride in knowing that our customers can spend more time in the warm indoors with their family, rather than taking care of an unexpected chore outside. It’s a small service, but one we feel is very important to Bloomington, IL homeowners to have a snow shoveling service that truly cares about them & their families.


Home Snow Removal Service in Bloomington, IL

If you’ve been a homeowner for at least the past year, you’ve experienced first-hand how harsh the Central Illinois winters can be. The vast changes in temperatures and weather forecasts bring with them an incredibly high amount of unpredictability and difficulties in planning to perform snow removal tasks. Oftentimes, a big snowstorm comes at the worst possible time for your schedule and you either don’t have time to remove the snow from your driveway, or you sacrifice needed sleep just to keep up.


We want to help! Call Scott & his team of snow removal experts in Bloomington, IL today to be added to our client list where we take care of you after each snowstorm. Just need one-time help? We can also provide a one-time home snow removal service in Bloomington, IL. 


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Snow Plowing & Removal in Bloomington, IL

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When the spring weather rolls around again, Scott's provides expert landscaping in Bloomington IL. We also provide other quality lawn care & maintenance services in Bloomington-Normal, IL, including Custom Deck Building, Professional Tree Trimming Service, Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service, Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Professional Retaining Wall Construction, Landscaping Maintenance, and professional Mulching services!