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Professional Mulching in Bloomington, IL

Professional Mulching in Bloomington, IL


“Scott’s Exterior Maintenance offers great professional mulching services in Bloomington, IL.

Boost your curb appeal with fresh mulch today!”


Every spring brings an item on the exterior to-do list that most people actively avoid. With Scott’s Exterior Maintenance professional mulching in Bloomington IL, you can cross spreading mulch across your garden off the list! We work with homeowners to provide professional mulching services in homes throughout Bloomington-Normal and are excited to continue providing our mulching service this year!


By having your garden professionally mulched by the experienced team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance, your soil will be healthier and able to withstand the drastic temperature changes found in Central Illinois. There are many benefits to having your garden mulched by a team of professionals in Bloomington, IL. We will go through some of these advantages below; if you have any questions or would like us to provide a free quote, please feel free to give us a call!


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Professional Mulching Delivery in Bloomington, IL

By providing professional mulching delivery as part of our mulching services in Bloomington, IL, Scott’s is able to take the hassle of going to the hardware store away. No longer does your truck need to get completely dirty by having mulch in the bed. Your suspension & payload capacity will be conserved for other projects and the value of your truck will be maintained. Don’t have a truck? Even more of a reason to hire Scott’s Exterior Maintenance for on-time & reliable professional mulching delivery in Bloomington, IL. Call our team today to schedule your delivery!  


Professional Mulching Services in Bloomington, IL

Our professional mulching services in Bloomington-Normal are second to none! We take great care in each step of the mulching process to ensure the long-term health of your garden. Other companies will simply dump the mulch all over your driveway, throw it across your garden, and leave without even cleaning up! You’re left with mulch across the tops of your plants, all over your grass, and a complete mess in your driveway; we believe this is completely unacceptable and are out to raise the bar in Bloomington professional mulching services. With our mulching services, you can rest assured that your garden will be well cared for and your driveway will be cleaned before we are finished – leaving you with a healthy yard with nothing but great curb appeal!


Benefits of Professional Mulching in Bloomington, IL

Many people may not realize that mulching is one of the best things they can do to their garden. There are many benefits of having a professional mulching team perform this service to ensure proper application of the mulch is applied and your yard remains healthy. There are 6 main benefits of why mulching helps your garden remain healthy. If you want to learn more or would like a member of Scott’s team to help with your mulching project this spring, please give us a call or email us anytime!


  • Professional Mulching Controls Weeds

  • Proper Mulching Retains Water Moisture

  • Professional Mulching Maintains Nutrients in the Soil

  • Proper Mulching Stops Soil Erosion & Prevents Future Erosion

  • Correctly Applied Mulch Can Reduce Insects in Your Yard

  • Professional Mulching Increases Curb Appeal!


If you would like the experienced team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance to deliver, spread & clean up your mulching project this spring, call today and schedule! Our availability fills up fast, so don’t wait - Your garden will thank you.


Professional Mulching in Bloomington, IL

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