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Professional Retaining Wall Construction in Bloomington, IL


Professional Retaining Wall Construction in Bloomington, IL

“Add depth to your landscaping by having a retaining wall installed by the professionals at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance”


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The Scott’s Exterior Maintenance team works hard to provide great services with professional retaining wall construction in Bloomington, IL. We have been in the Bloomington-Normal community for years and have built many retaining walls around Central Illinois. A well-built concrete retaining wall allows you to show your personality throughout your backyard and allows your yard to become an inviting space for your family & guests. You can view our previous work on retaining walls in Bloomington, IL we have built in the past and see our reviews online!  


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Building a Retaining Wall in Bloomington, IL

Retaining walls can add a tremendous amount of value to your home by increasing curb appeal and reducing runoff of soil & water. While we often build retaining walls to house a garden, we have also built plenty of retaining walls that are extremely functional in nature. These are built with the purpose of holding soil back from falling into a lake or river.


Without having a proper retaining wall built & installed for you in Bloomington, IL by Scott’s Exterior Maintenance, your yard could lose shape over time and overflow into the street or a body of water. We see this often after particularly raining seasons or a harsh winter; homeowners have a beautiful lake view that becomes an eyesore as their yard begins to literally fall into the lake over time. Sometimes there is even a current retaining wall that has been built by the homeowners in the past! While some handy homeowners may be able to build a shorter retaining wall for a garden, building a retaining wall that needs to hold back significant amounts of soil should be left to the professionals.


Retaining Wall Design Services in Bloomington, ILRetaining Wall Design

We have built & designed a variety of retaining walls for customers in Bloomington, IL over the years. From concrete retaining walls to stone, wood or even boulder retaining walls, we have done it all! We will work with you to find a design that fits your yard & meets your needs for years to come. Stone & concrete retaining walls remain two of our most popular in Central Illinois, bringing out beautiful gardens and allowing them to showcase depth & vibrant color. We are able to provide professional retaining wall construction in Bloomington, IL thanks to our commitment to providing the right solution for your yard every time!


You can always call our team and schedule a free initial consultation to find the retaining wall design that is going to work best for you!


Retaining Wall BlocksRetaining Wall Blocks in Bloomington, IL

There are so many different types of retaining wall blocks you can install in the Central Illinois market. Some of our most popular retaining wall blocks include concrete & stone construction. There are many advantages to either material; we will advise you and help you decide the proper retaining wall block that will both fit within your budget & work best within your yard. We want you to be able to show off & enjoy your yard for years to come!


Bloomington, IL residents tend to like concrete blocks as they provide a tremendous amount of strength when holding back soil from their yard from falling over into a street, sidewalk, or body of water.  While some may not feel like they are the most visually appealing retaining wall blocks in Bloomington, IL, others prefer their natural look & feel. They want their retaining wall to look natural and unimposing within their yard.


Other homeowners in Bloomington, IL prefer stone retaining wall blocks. Their budgets may be a bit higher and allow them to go for the luxury garden appeal. Usually set around a garden, stone retaining walls are built to look & feel like high end luxury. We will often see stone retaining walls requested when a homeowner knows how it will vastly increase the value of their home and give them valuable curb appeal. We can work with you to plan out a great looking retaining wall if this is an option you’d like to pursue!  


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Professional Retaining Wall Construction in Bloomington, IL

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