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Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service in Bloomington, IL


Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service in Bloomington, IL

“Have a happy, healthy yard each year with our 6 step plan”


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Every homeowner in Bloomington-Normal wants their yard to be happy, healthy and taken care of. Some homeowners have children or pets that they want to keep safe and free from harmful chemicals when playing in the yard. Others also want their yard to be a pleasant part of their property to look at. This is best accomplished by having Scott’s Exterior Maintenance perform our Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service in Bloomington, IL.


Whether you’re looking for a short-term weeding solution or a comprehensive evaluation and strategy for your lawn’s long-term health, the professional fertilizing team at Scott’s Exterior Maintenance in Bloomington, IL will find a solution for you! We have green fertilizer options, pet-safe & pet-friendly fertilizer options, spring lawn fertilizer, summer lawn fertilizer, and fall lawn fertilizer available to all homeowners in the Bloomington-Normal community. Our 6 step comprehensive professional lawn fertilizer service in Bloomington, IL is what we are best known for!


Step 1: Spring Lawn Fertilizer Application

Let’s face it, we are all in Central Illinois, our grass needs to recover from a long winter! We help your grass return from its dormant winter state by applying a granular grass fertilizer that helps your grass bring back its beautiful rich green color.


In addition to this, we also apply pre-emergent broadleaf & crabgrass control to establish a protective barrier to stop new weeds from growing, but to allow current plants to flourish. This lawn fertilizer process is able to get your lawn on the right track to having healthy spring, summer & fall seasons!


Step 2: Fertilizing Your Lawn in Late Spring

Towards late spring (around April & May) and before early summer, we apply what is known as a “slow-release seasonal fertilizer”. This is one of the best lawn fertilizers on the market today; it is a combination of iron & nitrogen, which will improve both your green grass color as well as its’ density.


After this, we apply a second application of the broadleaf weed control fertilizer to continually help prepare for the summer heat. One of the most commonly overlooked steps with other lawn fertilizer services in Bloomington, IL is not providing enough nutrients for the grass to become thick enough to withstand the high summer temperatures found in Central Illinois.  


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Step 3: Early Summer Lawn Fertilizer Application

In May & June, we turn our focus to fighting crabgrass & controlling where it spreads throughout your lawn. We use a top-of-the-line emergent crabgrass control & fertilizer to combat the spreading crabgrass tendencies as temperatures begin to rise. This application is another slow-release granular fertilizer that helps promote healthy roots and will continue to prepare your lawn for the hottest months of summer.


Step 4: Grub Control & Summer Upkeep

The name of the game through the hottest months of the year is maintaining the healthy root systems and green grass we’ve worked for throughout the spring and early summer to this point. We actively look for grubs, sod webworms, and aphids and remove them to ensure your grass has the best possible chance of surviving and remaining healthy in the hot Bloomington, IL summer heat. This is one of the many reasons why we are the most trusted professional lawn fertilizer services in Bloomington, IL.


Step 5: Late Summer Lawn Fertilizer Application

By actively staying on top of fall weeds that have emerged throughout the hot summer, we are able to allow your lawn to flourish as temperatures begin to drop and more moisture is introduced into your grass. Without proper care & attention, these weeds can run wild if not properly maintained.


Step 6: Fall Lawn Fertilizer & Preparing for Winter

The final phase during any season of professional lawn fertilizer service in Bloomington, IL is preparing your lawn for winter and allowing it to slip into its dormant phase in order to return to a happy & healthy lawn the following year! We apply a dormant fertilizer & a final application of weed control that allows your grass to thrive during the winter as it gets its final treatment of the year!


Lawn Aeration & De-Thatching

In addition to proper mowing, watering, fertilizing your lawn, and lawn care efforts, we highly recommend lawn aeration & de-thatching services. These services allow for a great air exchange between the soil & atmosphere, promotes deeper root growth, decreases water runoff and/or puddling, and many more benefits to your lawn! You can find more about Lawn Aeration & De-Thatching here!


You can trust Scott’s Exterior Maintenance with your lawn care & fertilization needs this season. We are confident in our work, have decades of experience treating grass in Central Illinois, and are here for your lawn’s long-term health. We want you to have a great experience with our professional landscaping in Bloomington, IL not only so we can return to help fertilize your lawn each year, but also that you’ll tell your friends & family about us and we can help their lawns as well! 


Professional Lawn Fertilizer Service in Bloomington, IL

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